Our Hedgehog Herd!

We take a lot of pride in our hedgehogs as they have been carefully chosen from breeders all over the nation.  They are members of our family, and as such, are not available for sale.  These are the potential parents of your future baby hedgehog. 


All of our hedgehogs have pedigrees and are registered with the International Hedgehog Registry (IHR).  We are constantly researching their lines to ensure there are no reported diseases, genetic cancers, or illnesses in our breeders.

The Females


DOB: 11/06/2014

IHR #: Processing

Color: Algerian Cinnamon

Markings: None

NWK Nayan

DOB: 11/06/2014

IHR #: Processing

Color: Algerian Brown

Markings: Badger Stripes

NWK Teagan

DOB: 11/05/2014

IHR #: Processing

Color: Algerian Dilute Brown (Possible Tri)

Markings: Blaze Face, Nose Snip

The Males

HKS Diesel NWK

DOB: 02/24/2014

IHR #: Processing

Color: Algerian Brown Snowflake

Markings: Partial Blaze

VVH Spencer NWK

DOB: 03/14/2013

IHR #: Processing

Color: Algerian Gray

Markings: None


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