When you place a deposit on or purchase one of our hedgehogs, you are confirming that you have read, understand, and agree to the following outlined items.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  There are many case-by-case situations, as we understand that each pet and each family is unique.  You will be signing a contract before the hedgehog leaves us saying that you understand and agree to these terms - including the restriction against breeding our hedgehogs.

Wait List

In order to reserve a hedgehog, you must fill out the wait list questionnaire. We cannot add you to the wait list if you have not completely filled out and submitted the questionnaire. If you leave answers blank or give vauge responses, this prevents us from knowing how prepared you are for adopting a hedgehog and does not allow us to provide you with the appropriate help. Answers to all questions can be found on our website, or through research on other websites. We cannot send home a hedgehog until we are certain that they will be properly cared for by their new family. If you have questions about hedgehog care in general, please feel free to contact us.


Once you have filled out and submitted the questionnaire, we will go over your application and contact you when it has been accepted. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response before resubmitting your application. Once accepted, you have two options for being added to our wait list.  You can either pay the non-refundable deposit early and be placed on the priority wait list, or you can choose to wait to place your deposit and be placed on the general notification list. The non-refundable deposit is $50 and will be applied to the final price of whichever hedgehog you choose to adopt.


Needlework Hedgehogs reserves the right to have first pick of any litter, before the litters are made available to the wait list for reservation. The priority list is then offered their choice of baby hedgehog, in the order that their deposit was received. They can either choose to adopt an available hedgehog, or they can wait for the next litter.  Once everyone on the priority wait list has had the opportunity to select a hedgehog, the general notification list will be informed at the same time of any babies that are still available. Hedgehogs at that time will be available on a first come, first serve basis.  Please note, the general notification list is not frequently offered babies to adopt due to the priority wait list.


Needlework Hedgehogs considers refunds on a case-by-case basis and most sales are final. You may not be entitled to a refund.


We will never trade or swap out one hedgehog for another after you have brought the hedgehog home. Our waiting list is too vast, and our litters are too infrequent to accommodate such requests. You are expected to commit to the life of the animal you choose.  Be sure you are making the proper decision when taking on the responsibility of another life.


If, for any reason, you can no longer care for your hedgehog, you are required to contact us immediately, and surrender your hedgehog to Needlework Hedgehogs. We will gladly take back the hedgehog with no questions asked. We take any surrenders of unwanted hedgehogs, regardless of where they were purchased. However, surrenders are just that, and we will not buy back a hedgehog from you. Because we then take on the financial burden and rehabilitation of that hedgehog, we may re-home it at a later time for a small re-homing fee.                                                                                                                                                 

Most importantly, Needlework Hedgehogs does not sell opposite sex pairs or breeding hedgehogs. Our hedgehogs are companion only for pet homes. Needlework Hedgehogs retains partial ownership of all hedgehogs purchased from us. Breeding any pet hedgehog purchased from Needlework Hedgehogs is a breach of contract and may result in legal action. We have gathered some wonderful breeding lines and are taking the time to learn pedigrees and proper pairings so we can offer a well mannered and healthy hedgehogs, free from genetic diseases. We appreciate your understanding of our no breeding policy.


Pedigrees will not be available to pet only homes. We enforce this rule to avoid backyard & unlicensed breeding, and falsification of our breeding records.


Payments for the deposit, adoption fee, and any supplies can be made by cash, money order, or through PayPal.  We are unable to accept personal checks. The deposit is non-refundable.

Health Guarantee

Our hedgehogs are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase. If, within 7 days of adoption, the hedgehog is confirmed to be ill by a licensed veterinarian, and the cause of the illness is clearly attributable to Needlework Hedgehogs, then the hedgehog may be returned for refund of the purchase price or for another hedgehog of the same sex and of equal value from a future litter. The diagnosis of the veterinarian must be presented in writing and we reserve the right to contact the veterinarian to discuss the diagnosis. You will need to release all medical records to us from your veterinarian. All veterinary costs are the responsibility of the owner and will not be refunded.


All hedgehogs born at Needlework Hedgehogs, from our breeding herd, come with a congenital health guarantee until the hedgehog is 6 months old. This guarantee covers any congenital defects or illnesses. A congenital disease is one that is present at birth, which can be either hereditary or acquired. If the hedgehog dies before he/she is 6 months old, and the cause is proven to be congenital (present at birth) by a necropsy completed by a licensed veterinarian, then the hedgehog will be replaced one hedgehog of the same sex and to the original owner only. The written necropsy report will need to be presented and we reserve the right to contact the veterinarian to discuss the results. You will need to release all medical records to us from your veterinarian. All veterinary costs, including the cost of the necropsy, are the responsibility of the owner and will not be refunded.


Our health guarantee does not apply to: accidental death/injury, any treatable/communicable diseases, illness/injury due to improper care or diet (including temperature), neglect, or abuse. Any faults or defects that were disclosed at the time of purchase are not covered under this guarantee.


Any adult or rescue hedgehog purchased from Needlework Hedgehogs do not qualify for the congenital health guarantee. They are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase. Any future veterinary costs are the responsibility of the owner.

WHS Guarantee

Needlework Hedgehogs offers a Lifetime Guarantee against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS) for hedgehogs that are born from our herd. Diagnosis must be confirmed via necropsy by a licensed veterinarian, at the owner’s expense. If WHS is the confirmed cause of death, we will replace the hedgehog with one hedgehog of the same sex. The written necropsy report will need to be presented and we reserve the right to contact the veterinarian to discuss the results. You will need to release all medical records to us from your veterinarian. All veterinary costs, including the cost of the necropsy, are the responsibility of the owner and will not be refunded.


All of our breeding hedgehogs have known lineage and, to our knowledge, none of them have WHS in their lines. We pride ourselves on the genetic diversity and health of our herd. If you suspect that your hedgehog has WHS, please contact us as soon as possible. There are many illnesses that mimic the symptoms of WHS, including hibernation attempts. We will recommend a trip to the veterinarian to rule out any treatable diseases. If your hedgehog is suspected to have WHS, this information will help us to identify any carriers in our herd and will allow us to inform anyone who has adopted a hedgehog from the same lines.


You must be at least 18 years old to adopt a hedgehog from us.  If you are not 18 years old, a legal parent or guardian will be required to be present when you pick up the hedgehog.  All paperwork must be signed by a legal adult.


If you are adopting the hedgehog as a gift for your child, we request that the child be present when you pick up the hedgehog.  This is to ensure that the child receives the correct information regarding handling and care that we present to you at the time of adoption.


We do not sell to residents of the following states:







We also do not sell to residents of the following counties:

            The 5 boroughs of New York City

            Douglas County, Nebraska

            Windsor, Ontario

            Langley, British Columbia


We do not sell to pet stores or brokers.


We reserve the right to refuse to sell a hedgehog to any person, at any time and for any reason. If you have paid the non-refundable deposit and we decided not to sell to you at our discretion, your deposit will be returned to you.


Our hedgehogs are $250 each, regardless of gender. Sometimes we will increase the price for exceptional markings, color, or personalities.  We may occasionally have retired or re-homed adults available for adoption.  The final price of each hedgehog will be stated beside its photo on our Available Hedgehogs page, and will not change once a deposit has been placed on that hedgehog. We do try to meet requests for colors as best as we can; however, since we are a small breeder, it may not be possible for us to produce all colors. 


All hedgehogs will come with a week supply of food, a handmade cuddle sack in your choice of fabric, lifetime nail clippings, a care guide, and lifetime care support.  We will always be available to help you in any way that we can.  Keep in mind, however, that we are not veterinarians, and may suggest that a trip to the vet is required.

We do reserve the right to deny any person(s) a hedgehog if we feel the home would be unsafe for any reason.  Our hedgehogs are our family members and we will never knowingly put their health or safety in jeopardy.  If you have paid the non-refundable deposit on a hedgehog and we, at our personal discretion, feel you would not make a good owner, then your deposit will be refunded.


​In the past, we have had customers who wish to have their hedgehog examined by a veterinarian prior to pick up.  We do offer this service for an added fee of $100.  This is what our veterinarian charges for a wellness visit, and you will receive a copy of the health certificate stating that your hedgehog has been examined and is free from any obvious illnesses.  This certificate does not guarantee that your hedgehog will not develop any illnesses at a later time, which must be treated at the owner's expense.


We do provide support if you wish to register your hedgehog for free with the International Hedgehog Registry.  Your hedgehog will not be automatically registered prior to pickup unless you have discussed this with us.


We do not ship hedgehogs.  In addition to being expensive, we do not wish to subject any of our hedgehogs to the stress of shipping.  We are willing to travel up to 2 hours away from Petersburg, VA (4 hours round trip), if you would like for us to meet you.  This service will be an additional $150, to cover vehicle, gas, and other transportation expenses.  This must be pre-arranged with us, and we are only available to meet on select Saturdays or Sundays.

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