Shipping prices may slightly vary depending on the item and its weight and size. Once you have selected the items you would like, contact us for an invoice for your order.  We accept PayPal for all supplies transactions.

Use the "Available Fabric Patterns" button below to see our list of currently in-stock fabric patterns.  Everything we make is custom so it's all done just the way you and your pet want it.






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Handmade Items and Gifts

Custom Cage Liners


We offer cage liners for any size and shape cage.  Just give us the dimensions and we will make fleece liners to fit.  Our liners come in two kinds: single layer, and double layer. Here at Needlework Hedgehogs, we use double layer liners, but some people prefer to use single layer liners and just wash them more frequently.

We have a ton of fleece in stock, but can/will buy fleece to suit your preferences if we can.  Check out the Available Fabric page to see if there is a fleece pattern that you would like!
Price depends on the type of line (single or double layer) and the finished size.  Custom liners typically start at $10 for single layer, and $20 for double layer.  Use the button above to send us a message and we can work with you to design your custom cage liners.

Cuddle Sacks


These bags are approximately 10" by 12" and completely reversible.  They are made of a soft fleece on the inside, and a patterned flannel on the outside.  All seams are invisible, so they are 100% safe for little paws.

We are now also offering fleece/fleece cuddle sacks, in addition to our traditional flannel/fleece cuddle sacks.  For fleece/fleece, the final size is approximately 12" by 12" and are also completely reversible with invisible seams.

We have a variety of flannel patterns for both genders, as well as gender neutral. Take a look at our Available Fabric selection and we'll tailor it just for your hedgehog and you.  

Before shipping charges, these are $10.00 each.

Hedgehog Pillows


One of our newest additions, these hedgehog pillows are approximately 12" by 15" (at the face).  They can be made in any color for the body, just let us know what you are thinking.  Perfect for cuddle time, this hedgehog pillow is bound to become a favorite.

We offer two types of this pillow: with a pillow-form body and with a polyfill body.  The pillow-form body provides for a much stiffer hedgehog, while the polyfill body is soft and cuddly.

Pillow-form Body - $35, plus shipping

Polyfill Body - $30, plus shipping 

Crocheted Hedgehog Plushies


These stuffed hedgehogs are our best seller here at Needlework Hedgehogs.  They can be made in any color combination that you can think of.  Shown here are the "traditional" and the "albino".  You can decide if you would like a flower (in any color), a bow (in any color), or neither.  We are also working on allowing "abstract" colors - red, blue, purple, green....  The possibilities are truly endless.

These hedgehogs measure 7 inches from nose to bum, and 3.5 inches tall at their tallest.

Before shipping charges, these hedgehogs are $20 each.

Hedgehog Barrettes

What little girl wouldn't love her own set of hedgehog barrettes?  These cute little crocheted hedgehogs are attached to ribbon lined alligator clips that are perfect for any hair type.  We have several colors of clips available, though they are mostly hidden behind the cute hedgehog.

These little hedgehog clips measure 3 inches long and are about 2 inches tall.

Before shipping charges, a set of these hedgehog clips are $10.  If you are interest in just one clip, the price will be $6.

Quill Bottle Necklaces

These quill bottle necklaces are a new addition to Needlework Hedgehogs.  We offer them with a brown leather necklace or a black leather necklace.  They necklace measures 18 inches and comes with a 2 inch chain extender.  A charm can also be added to further personalize your necklace.

The glass bottle measures 1.25 inches, and it perfect for holding your hedgehog's quills.  We recommend gluing the cork after you have added your quills.

Before shipping charges, these necklaces are $10 each.  A charm can be added for an additional $2.  Please contact us for a photo of our available charms, or to order your very own necklace.  We will soon be offering necklaces with prefilled quills.


Custom Hedgehog House


These custom hedgehog houses are a favorite here at Needlework Hedgehogs. We have even had a few breeders from across the nation purchase them for their hedgehogs.

We are able to make these custom houses in several patterns.  We currently offer 4 patterns, but are working on adding 4 more soon.

Each house is made with a hinged lid so you can easily remove your hedgehog from inside.  The ramp attached to the door is removable, in case your hedgehog slips too much on it.  Just place a fleece blanket inside and your hedgehog will love having its very own custom house.

These houses measure 8 inches by 12 inches and are 8 inches tall.  The doorway measures 4 inches square.

Before shipping charges, a custom house is $15.

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